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Shiji Ulleri Photography FZE

You deserve to see the BEST memories and images…so don’t risk hiring a second-rate, less-than-the-best, not-so-special, any-old amateur photographer…

Hire the professionals at shijiulleri.com

Event Photography

– Shiji and fellow photographers live behind the camera….

….…so you can live in the moment…

The next time you want to capture a special moment, let Shiji’s team be the one to capture it. How else could you be confident that the moment (or moments) in time that you cherish arebeing breathtakingly captured forever? Whatever the event – be it anything from opening night events to work conferences to surprise marriage proposals – Shiji Ulleri Photography creates an atmosphere that allows you and anyone else around to live in the moment, and this allows the photo team to work their art and get the most natural, most beautiful, and best photographs from the stars of his shots every single time. Looking to book a great photographer for your next event? Get a quote here.

Product Photography

– You probably put in a so much time and energy into your product…

……don’t you want your photos to showcase your hard work?

Many times the most innovative products were born years ago – an idea that came in the middle of the night, or an “A-HA!” moment in the shower. Perhaps you turned that idea over and over for years before that day-DREAM became a REALITY. Being a business owner himself, Shiji understand what you, your company, your brand, or your business has potentially put into each and every product. For catalog work or individual items, if you’relooking to book a great photographer for your next product shoot, get a quote here.

Food Photography

– Food is an art….

.…sohire a real artist to make your culinary creations stand out!

Food and water: the only art mediums that are actually essential for life. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a photographer who could make your food look so appealing that it looked like it was essential for life? You don’t have to look any farther than Shiji Ulleri Photography, and Shiji looks no farther than his own family, for both an understanding of, and expertise in, food photography. He specializes in making your food come to life. This isn’t about marketing. This is about making your food jump onto their plate. This is about giving them a picture that is worth a 1000 meals, and keeping them hungry for more. Looking to book a great photographer for your next food shoot? Get a quote here.

Fashion & Beauty

– Beautiful people and unique fashions are eye-catching and captivating….

….so let your viewers be entranced by beautiful images.

We will never get bored in this life with the plethora of new trends in fashion and beauty. Keep things interesting: you can do a photo shootfor your self-portraits OR meet in a studio or location of your choice for an advertising project with an entire team of models, hair and makeup artists, fashion designers and,importantly, a photographer on the set to capture the beauty of it all. Shiji’s team have worked with some great people in the studio to complete fashion/beauty photo shoots and have a network of people with whom they can team up. If you have a larger project for a fashion magazine or are advertising for your salon, clothing line, accessory collections, shoes, handbags, etc….Shiji and team can work with you on your vision, until it becomes reality. The result: beautiful people with beautiful things, all captured in beautiful images.Looking to book a great photographer for your next fashion & beauty shoot? Get a quote here.

Corporate Portraits

– Your work, attitude, and professionalism stand out….

….so should your portrait.

To complete your professional image you NEED a “professional image” – a GREAT PHOTOGRAPH! In the business world, you are your own #1 brand, and having a good professional portrait is essential to successful (self-) branding and marketing. Portraits can be used for business cards, personal or company websites, blogs, social networking, fliers, promotion, and much more. Looking to book a great photographer for your next portrait session? Get a quote here.

Weddings Photography

– One of the most important moments of your life….

….… who would you trust with this memory?

When you say “I do,” it can be the two most important words you’ll ever say, and the photographs of your wedding are to be cherished forever. Your possible future generations will hold those same photos when looking back on the life you shared together as where it all began. Shiji Ulleri and his team are internationally known for their wedding packages. They bring skill that is unmatched when it comes to capturing, editing, and presenting wedding photos and albums. Hiring the wrong wedding photographer can mean not just added stress on your wedding day, but years of regret when looking back on bad photographs. The goal of Shiji’s team is to enhance your wedding day experience and give you memories you can cherish and hold your entire lifetime together. Looking to book a great photographer for your special day? Get a quote here.

Interior &Exterior Photography

– The perfect design didn’t come together by chance….

….… neither does the perfect photograph.

Design takes an eye for detail. Design can be anything from a 200-story skyscraper to bedroom throw-pillows. But what design isn’t, is accidental. You carefully planned and thought out every detail. You need a photography team who doesn’t leave anything to chance. They use their eye for detail to, not just capture, but showcase every feature. The Ulleri team realizes that the perfect lighting, staging, and tone are the framework in highlighting your art. Looking to book a great photographer for your property? Get a quote here.

Sports Photography

– The play-of-a-lifetime just happened before your eyes….

….Shiji’s team of professionals gets the photo-of-a-lifetime…

When Tiger Woods comes to play golf, there is not a moment to lose. Fans can travel from far and wide and spend much of their income to attend these events. Athletes sometimes spend their entire lives preparing for some of the matches, games, races, and competitions that Shiji’s team capture. Hiring Shiji Ulleri and his team means that you are hiring professionals who are committed to not missing a second. Always being “present” and having their photography eye “on” during events mean they capture every moment – from candid shots to live-action, once-in-a-lifetime photographs.Looking to book a great photographer for your next sporting event? Get a quote here.

Family & Kids Portraits

– Family portraits capture a moments in time that you can never get back….

….…Shiji’s team wants you to have that memory to hold forever.

Shiji himself is quickly experiencing “just how quickly they grow!” As a dedicated father, he ensures that he and his team use “kid-gloves” and treat their family portrait sessions with an understanding and individual approach because each family (and each family member) is unique. Shiji understands that you are capturing moments that you can never get back. He and his team want to make the most of that moment. Looking to book a great photographer for your next family photo session? Get a quote here.

Videography Services:

– We provide video services for Weddings & Corporate Events & Websites

…to take your photography package from “wow!” to…“WOW!”

To give an added “WOW-factor” to any one of the above photography stills package, Shiji and his team can add videography services to give you a professional, high-quality video each and every time. Cinematic style videography and editing is featured. Ask to see some video samples and see what they have done. See fun and funky, young and hip, dramatic and lavish, romantic and nostalgic, commercial and professional. They have it all. You want your family and friends and events to be remembered for the lively candid moments and snapshots with all their mannerisms and speeches, or you want your corporate event to be written in history.Looking to book a great videographer for your next event or project? Get a quote here.