Dubai Food Photographer Shiji

Food Photographer Dubai – Apart from Instagram-worthy photos that customers and guests post in social media, a food business should also invest in exquisite food photographs which they can use as trademark images for their official online and even offline marketing campaign efforts.

The UAE has a vast social media users. With more than 95% of the population who uses mobiles phones, there’s no doubt that most of the impression of products happen through the internet and can be easily accessed by just a few taps.

Foodies who come from all walks of life are all over today’s social media, and it is a great opportunity for restaurants to utilize this trend and what technology has to offer. Those pretty restaurant food photos we see in the internet are tailored to attract customers, and also to show a glimpse of what’s on the menu. As this is a very effective tactic for restaurants which just started their business, this has also been proving success for its established counterparts. Great marketing specialists will never stick with informal mobile phone photos, as this can compromise the visual quality of their food products.

Dubai-based Shiji Ulleri is a bonafide food photographer. Partnering with the city’s most talented food stylists and graphic artists, he can showcase the real beauty of cuisines through the combination of perfect lighting and angles. He has a wide range of food portfolio and has worked with the best known restaurants all over UAE.

Personal touch is always Shiji’s language. Photographs are designed to reach out to its viewers, and his team and complete equipment can make it happen. Together with his graphic artist, they can even suggest possibilities and customize photos based on the platform that is going to be used.

You be the judge! Check out some of his works here or reach Shiji at +971567748563 or his email