Jewelry Photographer Dubai

Jewelry-Photographer Dubai – Despite its small size, jewelry are designed for its aesthetics as it becomes an emotional part of its wearer’s clothing piece. This is the reason why first impressions matter when it comes to browsing them in a jewelry store’s website, print catalogues, brochures, point-of-sale displays, as well as exhibition posters.

Photographing luxury pieces requires specialized skills, as well as high resolution cameras and quality equipment. Precision and sharp attention to detail are the leading languages when it comes to such photography. Even when shot with a model, it is the photographer’s aim to put the jewelry on the limelight.

Luxury Product Photographer Shiji Ulleri is driven with the technical expertise to capture your jewelry collection in its finest details and subtle elegance, which can definitely incite excitement and desire to your clients.

FAQs on Jewelry Photography by Shiji Ulleri

Where is the shoot done?

The jewelry product photography is usually done in the fully-equipped Wise Monkeys studio in Al Barsha 1.

Where and when can I receive the outputs?

Outputs are delivered both in high and low resolution, depending on the client requirements and the marketing channel they are going to be used. We usually send it through our exclusive portal or another channel like Wetransfer. Post processing time depends on the number of products, but we always deliver on time!

Do you accept on-site (out of studio) shoots?

Yes – but it still depends on my availability. Let’s discuss!

I’m having a difficulty styling my pieces! Can you help?

Definitely we can provide in-house staff to place the jewelry with additional fee.

Can we also have a unique concept or props for the product shoot?

Yes – it is also a great idea to put your personal touch in your products which will make it remarkable to the customers.
Additional cost may applicable!

How do I commission you?

To book your jewelry-photographer always feel free to give me a call at +971567748563 or even shoot me an email at and we can discuss all the details and my availability.