Lifestyle photographer Dubai

Lifestyle Photographer Dubai – Lifestyle photography is the art of capturing portraits and people in real-life settings, situations and even milestones of everyday life. It is a form of visual story-telling with the aim to inspire whoever who is looking at the photograph.

Photojournalism has been around for the longest time, however with the birth of digital cameras, Lifestyle Photography also followed. This is different from the usual portraits, as its models are the usual people freely doing their everyday tasks. It also speaks more than your usual candid shots. No pretense, just a pure revelation of a story.

With the rise of digital marketing and the increasing diaspora of online media from the traditional marketing channels, people are becoming increasingly curious; they are not satisfied with what’s on the surface; they want to see what’s beyond facades of a business. As this also becomes a challenge for establishments, this is also a great opportunity for them to attract customers by presenting the integrity of their working environments.

Showcasing a working environment is a great way to give the public a glimpse of the quality of life of the employees in a company. Lifestyle Photographer Shiji Ulleri can definitely make your company stand out and can capture the perfect angle and small moments which people usually miss. These photographs are perfect for the company’s websites, brochures, and they can also be used to attract your social media followers and even increase them. With today’s visually-driven audience, nothing is impossible with the potentials of photography.

Having years of experience in capturing photos onboard cruise ships, Shiji has mastered taking perfect angles of guests and even his fellow crew with ease on the right timing and perfect moment.

It is always recommended that the models be the actual people in the industry, as we believe that everyone has his/her own aesthetic to show in the eyes of a camera. This also adds a personal touch which makes it more attractive to the viewers. Our team is great in motivating people to become natural in front of the camera and Shiji gives great modelling techniques as well.

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